Customer Experience Manager

Job Title: 

Customer Experience Manager

Job Location:

Merrimack, NH

Job Description:

Oversee the activities and goals of a growing customer experience team with a goal of enhancing patient relationships and meeting company objectives. Maintain a team of A players that allows customer service to maintain an 85% answer rate, return voice mails the same day, respond to emails with 48 hours and reduce call wait time to 120 seconds or less. Develop and implement a patient satisfaction survey process that is consistent with our existing Net Promoter Score used by other departments. Measure patient satisfaction and set a baseline that will be used to improve upon in the future. Implement quality measures for team and measure quarterly.

Expected Outcomes:

 Organize training programs for customer experience representatives in order to update
their job knowledge and enhance their skills
 Supervise the activities of customer experience team to ensure their interaction with
customers reflect positively on the company
 Define and implement standards for ensuring optimal customer experience
 Establish communication mediums through which patients can readily contact us
 Leverage technology to reduce call volume and improve self-pay collections
 Develop out-going call program to resolve large patient balances
 Use call recording as a training tool and develop a set number of calls that are
monitored and scored monthly and report findings to supervisor
 Expand staff knowledge to reduce escalations
 Develop a recruiting pipeline of A players
 Improve answered calls to 85% or greater
 Reduce wait time to 120 seconds or less
 Measure and report on key metrics weekly
o Answered calls
o First call resolution
o Wait time
o Escalations
o Abandoned calls
 Develop outgoing call process on all abandoned calls
 Develop and implement standard training guideline for new hires
 Increase knowledge of existing technology and ensure we are maximizing its capability
 Develop process for providing clear and consistent feedback to clients and CAM’s on
escalated calls and patient complaints

Essential Job Functions

 Ability to hire A players: Sources and Selects A players to join team
 Creativity/innovation: generates new and innovative approaches to problems
 Calm under Pressure: maintains stable performance when under heavy pressure

 Follow-through on commitments: lives up to verbal and written agreements regardless of cost
 Efficiency: ability to create workflow in order to reach goals and maintain constant output
 Accuracy: maintains high levels of accuracy while maintaining and increasing production
 Organized: Focuses on key priorities – ability to re-prioritize as issues arise but not dwell
 Intelligence: ability to use tools provided and problem solve, but also knowing when to ask
 Attention to detail: makes sure not to ignore small details
 Communication: Speaks and write clearly and articulately without being overly verbose or
talkative and maintains this standard in all forms including e-mail
 Listening skills: lets other speak and seeks to understand their viewpoints


Core Job Responsibilities
 Integrity: Does not cut corners
 Coachability: often solicits feedback and reacts calmly to criticism. Ability to listen and learn
from others and receive and give feedback in a candid and professional manner
 Persistence: demonstrates tenacity and willingness to go the extra mile to get something done
 Proactive: ability to work alone and without being told what to do. Also brings new ideas to
 Adaptability: Adjust quickly to changing priorities and conditions
 Enthusiasm: Exhibits passion and excitement over work
 Work Ethic: Strong willingness to work hard and sometimes long hours to get the job done
 Teamwork: Reaches out to peers and leaders when needed and promotes a collaborative
working environment
 Client satisfaction mentality: always thinking about how their work effect our clients and looks for ways to improve client satisfaction

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